Optional Entries

These entries are not required to fully define a scotch model. However, they may be inserted into the JSON file at various points.


The Filename field takes the full path for the location of the model's JSON file as a string :

"Filename" : "/Users/qcaudron/scotch/models/myfile.json"

When you save the model by calling model.save("/some/directory/model.json"), the Filename entry is automatically added to the JSON file. Next time, you can then call model.save() without specifying a path, and the model will be saved with its default filename - the one you specifed last time.

If you call model.save() without a filename, and Filename is not defined in the model's optional entries, the file will be saved in the current working directory under the filename scotch_model.json.

Default algorithm

The default_algorithm field also takes a string.

"default_algorithm" : "gillespie"

Every time you call any function that invokes scotch's simulator without specifying the algorithm you want to use, then the default_algorithm is used. This entry is added to the model as soon as the model is built - that is, as soon as the wizard finishes, or as the first step in any simulation ( as long as you aren't propagating your state space from the last simulation ). If you don't specify a default algorithm, the default algorithm is set to gillespie. Valid entries are :

  • gillespie
  • tauLeap